With Res2Rent we have built a platform where food professionals can put there restaurant concept to the test with low risk, and minimal investment.

For a fixed fee* a day, you gain full control of the kitchen, 26 seat restaurant and 50 seat terras. No hidden fees, no games, no bullshit.

Are you a Chef without a restaurant but been itching to cook? Are you a Caterer looking to flex your muscles in a more controlled space? Or do you want to find out how your Food Truck concept runs as a full restaurant? Turn that dream into a goal and use Res2Rent to make that next step!


full professional kitchen & 25 seat restaurant

The Kitchen holds a double fryer, 4 pit gas burner stove, industrial gas oven, plancha and electric plancha, microwave and full prep table cooler for your mise en place. The restaurant fits 25 plus 35 terrace seating.